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Terms and Conditions - the Sicilytransfer.com of the PTS-SICILIA group.
The following terms and conditions should be applied to the services booked by the customers on the Sicilytransfer.com:

  • 1. The payment for the service is effected by the customer during the reservation. If the Sicilytransfer.com is able to provide the service the confirmation with the booking details should be sent by e-mail. If the Sicilytransfer.com could not guarantee the service the cancellation of the booking should be sent by e-mail to the customer. All the payments should be refund to the customer if the Sicilytransfer.com could not provide the service reserved.

  • 2.The confirmation with the booking details sent by e-mail (VOUCHER TRANSPORT) is valid as the ticket. The ticket should be given to the driver or to the representative of the Sicilytransfer.com before the trip. The request is not valid as the confirmation of the booking.

  • 3.The booking effected by phone is the subject of the current terms and conditions and the customer should accept the same Terms and Conditions of the Sicilytransfer.com.

  • 4.On booking the customer declares himself to be of age, affirms that all indicated data correspond to the facts, are correct and complete, that the customer is the holder of the credit/debit card used for the payment and that the sum presented on the credit/debit card is sufficient for the cost of the current service. The Sicilytransfer.com is not responsible for any probable error occurred in the request and should not refund any compensation for the short service due to that mistake. If any probable error compels the Sicilytransfer.comor its executor to provide a service that is different from the service booked by the customer the Office of the Sicilytransfer.com should be informed immediately, the extra charge if any should be paid directly to the driver.

  • 5.If there are two or more persons included into the same reservation request the customer of the service considered to be the agent of all passengers indicated in the list for the transfer, so the customer accept the current terms and conditions on behalf of every member of the group.

  • 6.The passengers should be carried to or picked up according to the address indicated in the reservation. Any possible changes of the address or other details should be sent by e-mail to the Head Office of the Sicilytransfer.com (info@sicilytransfer.com) not late than 2 days before the trip. If Sicilytransfer.com is able to approve the changes the confirmation should be sent by e-mail. Any changes of the previous reservation will be satisfied up to the discretion of the Sicilytransfer.com and it can imply some administration fee to be charged.

  • .It’s on customer’s duty to provide an active and complete phone number, including the international dialing code. Then it’s on customer’s duty to check the possible messages sent by the Sicilytransfer.com Head Office up to the last day before the trip. The time of the pick up for the back transfer is a rough one, in case of the alteration the passengers will be informed in 48 hrs. before the transfer. If the customer cannot provide an active phone number he has to indicate a contact address in the reservation. If it’s not possible to give neither a phone number nor contact address to the Sicilytransfer.com , it’s on customer’s duty to contact the phone number of the agent of the Sicilytransfer.com listed in the voucher in order not to miss the transfer. Any notice about the alteration of the pick up time should be sent by SMS to the mobile phone number indicated in the reservation by the customer .

  • 8.The customer could cancel the booking via e-mail. The message must be sent to the Head Office of the Sicilytransfer.com (info@sicilytransfer.com) and should be confirmed by the Sicilytransfer.com also via e-mail. The customer should contact the Head Office by phone if there is no any confirmation received. The cancellation of the booking must be effected 7 (seven) days before the transfer on the date of arrival. In case of the cancellation of the booking the cost of the service could be refunded by the Sicilytransfer.com excluded the administration fee of 10,00 euro.

  • 9.In case of the flight cancelled the cost of the transfer cannot be refunded by the Sicilytransfer.com.

  • 10. All possible claims and requests should be sent via e-mail to the Head Office of the Sicilytransfer.com (info@sicilytransfer.com) within one month from the date of the transfer.

  • 11. The  Sicilytransfer.com could try to satisfy any possible request listed in the “Special Request” but it’s not obliged to.

  • 12. The Sicilytransfer.com reserves a right (and authorizes the drivers) to deny the service to any person that is under an evident effect of some alcoholic or narcotic substances and his behavior could cause a danger to the driver, the vehicle or to another passenger.

  • 13. The Sicilytransfer.com do not authorize the passengers to take and to drink any alcoholic beverage on board of the vehicle.

  • 14. The smoking is not allowed on board of the vehicles of the Sicilytransfer.com.

  • 15. All vehicles of the Sicilytransfer.com are insured against possible damages caused to the passengers and to the third parties in according with the local rules. Nevertheless, the Sicilytransfer.com operates with the great caution , the accompanied luggage should be carried at the risk of the customer and there is no any carrier's liability for the loss or damage. Therefore the Sicilytransfer.com advises to the customer to check his travel insurance.

  • 16. The Sicilytransfer.com is engaged to bring the passenger to the place of destination listed in the booking confirmation, with the least inconvenience and discomfort. Nevertheless, there are some situations in which the service cannot be concluded because of the circumstances out of the control of the Sicilytransfer.com, such as:

    • accidents that cause delay of the vehicle
    • areas with forbidden access for the vehicles
    • exceptional or rigorous meteorological conditions
    • conclusion of requests coming from the police
    • deaths and road accidents
    • vandalism and terrorism
    • delays due to the unpredictable traffic
    • strikes effected by the third parties
    • problems caused by other clients
    • the vehicle held or delayed by a police officer or government representative
    • other circumstances that can represent a risk for the safety of the passengers

  • 17. If the Sicilytransfer.com for any reason, that lies outside of its control, could not provide the service in according with the confirmation, it should supply the passengers with the appropriate vehicle like as another coach, train, private car, taxi etc. To reach the final destination the passenger could choose another means of travel (taxi, for ex.) . It’s necessary to present a receipt or another valid document to the Sicilytransfer.com in order to get a refund of expenses or the difference of the price.

  • 18. The legal rights of the customer cannot be denied or decreased in any case.

  • 19. All subjects that hadn’t foreseen by the present terms and conditions should be postponed to the Italian law in force.