Welcome to sicily


  • Reservation: how is it possible to contact the head office of Sicilytransfer.com?
    Sicilytransfer.com is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and it is possible to contact the Call Center calling the number +39 333 1275225.
  • What happens if my flight arrives late?
    DON’T WORRY, our driver would awaiting for you in any case and you won’t pay nothing extra charge for that. But if you arrive with another flight please kindly contact to our Call Center and they will advise the driver.
  • How can I find my driver at the airport?
    The driver will wait for you with the poster
    Sicilytransfer.com with your name at the exit room into the arrivals hall, after the customs. For other arrivals, for instance at the Railway Station, to the head of train; at the port, on the wharf where the disembarkation of the passengers is anticipated.
  • What happens if I cannot find my driver at the airport?
    You have to call the Call Center of
    Sicilytransfer.com which immediately get you in touch with your driver.
  • How long will I have to wait for at the airport?
    Transfer is private therefore you will never have to wait for at the airport and you can depart as soon as you will have reached your driver.
  • I have lost my luggage, can you collect it for me later?
    There is a “Lost & Found” office at the airport where have to make a demand for you luggage lost. They will organize the forwarding of your luggage to the address of your stay. Please contact to our Call Centre in order to inform the driver if you are in late for exit.
  • I have left something in the vehicle. How do I get it back?
    Contact our Call Center, giving details of the transfer and the missing items. We will then try to deliver them to you as soon as possible. Sometimes a charge could be applied.
  • Do the children count as one adult?
    Certainly infants and children do count as one adult.
  • I need a child seat, what can I do?
    You have to insert the request in the proper space during the reservation, also pointing out the age of children in the special space "Particular Requests".
  • Reservation: Can I have a refund?
    Under certain circumstances - See
    Sicilytransfer.com terms and conditions.
  • Reservation: Can I change the date of my transfer?
    Yes, of course. You have to contact us by e-mail or by phone.
  • Reservation: Can I have a receipt?
    Our email confirmation is your receipt; bur if you intend to receive an invoice you have to ask for at the moment of the reservation, pointing out all the data to fulfil.
  • Transfer - Can I have the driver's mobile number?
    No. If you have any problem please contact our Call Center.
  • Transfer - I have lots of luggage, is it a problem?
    Every passenger must to have one luggage and one hand luggage.
    If you expect to extend the number of your luggage you can point it out at the moment of the reservation. Sicilytransfer.com will provide a suitable vehicle for you and WITHOUT ANY EXTRA CHARGE.
  • Transfer - Can we stop off at the supermarket on the way?
    Yes, paying to the driver 33,00 euro per hour.
  • Is it possible to reserve from a hotel, from house or from the office?
    Yes, connecting to the site "www.s
    icilytransfer.com" you can reserve every transfer you need.
  • When have I to book?
    You will have to book at least 48 hours before your transfer. Otherwise, you can contact our Call Center that will consider the availability of the service.